Whitewater Rafting on the Lower Deschutes

The high adventure patrol decided to return to the Lower Deschutes river for a little whitewater excitement. I think they got all they came for, and maybe a little more!


The group put in at Harpham Flat just up river of Maupin, OR and pulled off the river at Sandy Beach.


There were fifteen boaters in two boats this trip. Here is boat-1 guided by Greg with paddlers Alex, Trenton, Jarrod, Connor, Aaron, and Daniel as they negotiate the first rapid of the day Wapinitia.


In this animated series of boat-1 on Wapinitia, you’ll notice Greg quietly disappears off the back of the boat into the surf and the paddlers don’t even notice!


Here is boat-2 guided by Scott with paddlers Christian, Randy, Kennedy, Jill, Shelby, Jacob, and David.


In this animated series of boat-2 on Wapinitia, you’ll notice David doesn’t want to be outdone by boat-1 and disappears off the back of the boat as well.


Next up, is boat-1 in Boxcar:


Here is an animated series of boat-1 in Boxcar:


Boat-2 in Boxcar:


Animated series of boat-2 in Boxcar:


One of last rapids of the day is also the most advanced on this section of the Deschutes, Oak Springs. Here is boat-1 who decided that merely floating down Oak Springs is too easy, they would rather swim:


Animated series of boat-1 roll in Oak Springs:


Boat-2 in Oak Springs:


Animated series of boat-2 in Oak Springs:


We returned home with all the boaters intact, with smiles on their faces, and everyone is looking forward to the next trip.

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